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GShock Move GBD200


gshock move gbd200


An innovative line of sport watches
delivering the strength and functionality
that training demands


The iconic square form of the very first G-SHOCK, now with an accelerometer, distance measurement, and Smartphone Link functionality.
More than ready for running and other sporting pursuits, these watches integrate toughness-driven design with sports technology.
Think of it as essential training gear to complement your active lifestyle.

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Step Tracker

Start walking and the motion-sensing accelerometer will count your steps automatically. Displays total daily steps as well as progress against targets.


Distance measurements

Step counting accomplished with an accelerometer and proprietary algorithm deliver highly accurate distance measurement. Distance adjustment is also possible using smartphone GPS. After adjustments are made, the watch can measure running distance more accurately, even without connecting to a smartphone.

Interval timer

The multi-timer can be set to up to five different time settings. With Auto-Repeat and Auto-Start functions, a useful feature for interval training.

[The G-SHOCK Move phone application has been replaced with the Casio Watches app.]

G-SHOCK watch / smartphone application icon

Multiple functions, all at your fingertips

(Smartphone app)


- Automatic time adjustment
- Easy watch setting
- Approximately 300 world time cities
- Notification function (incoming calls, incoming e-mails, new social media posts, calendar notifications, reminders)
- Training analysis data
- Activity history
- Life log data
- Sleep analysis data
- Phone finder


Slim, compact design

The new structural design allows protrusions in the case to interlock with slits in the bezel. This achieves a more compact form than the predecessor GBD-100 model, plus a more comfortable fit when in active motion. The visual effect of the character line visible through the slits makes for a side design that further emphasizes the slimness of the watch.

Soft urethane band

A more comfortable fit is achieved with the softness of the material used. The wave-shaped form prevents the band from adhering to the skin. The lugs have ventilation parts to provide breathability. The soft urethane band improves fit and has plenty of band holes, allowing for precise length adjustments.

Memory in Pixel (MIP) LCD

High-definition, high-contrast display makes data easy to read. Customise which data points you want displayed for ease of use during training sessions.

Vibration function

Watch vibrations provide alerts for time elapsed, calories burned, and more during training, as well as telephone, email and social media notifications for a Bluetooth®-linked smartphone.

Note: Bluetooth® is a registered trademark or trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Super Illuminator

High-brightness LED lights up the LCD with high-intensity light, maintaining watch readability in the dark.

*Image shows the GBD-200-1.


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