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G-SHOCK Surf Watches | Tide + GPS Tracking GLX & GBX Series | Casio | CASIO

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Surf Watches

The specialized G-SHOCK G-LIDE series of surf watches offers a host of tide-tracking functions aimed at the surfing community. The vibrant GLX series delivers a high quality tide-graph display. The GBX features MIP LCD providing surfing conditions, highlighting time & date, moon phase and current tide chart for the closest location from over 3300 locales.

200M Water Resistant | Tide Data | Moon Age & Phase Data

Surf Watches


G-SHOCK Surf Watches Collection: Ride the Waves with Precision

Welcome to the G-SHOCK surf watches collection, where functionality meets the beauty of the ocean. For those who crave the adrenaline of riding the waves, it's crucial to be in tune with the ocean's rhythm. The G-LIDE series of surf watches from G-SHOCK perfectly encapsulates this philosophy, offering state-of-the-art tide-tracking functions tailored for the modern surfer.


Surf Watches Key Features:

  • Tide Tracking: Understand the tides with the GLX series that showcases a superior tide-graph display.
  • Multi-Informational Display: The GBX range utilizes the innovative MIP LCD, providing users with vital surfing conditions, encompassing time & date, the current moon phase, and a precise tide chart. What's more? It's derived from over 3300 locations, ensuring you always have the information for the closest surf spot.
  • Durability and Resistance: With a water resistance of up to 200 meters, these watches can endure the toughest surf conditions.
  • Moon Data: Stay informed with the moon's age and phase data, helping you predict tide movements and optimal surf times.

Why Choose G-SHOCK Surf Watches?

These watches are not just tools; they are companions for those who respect the ocean and its challenges. Every piece is designed to offer reliability, durability, and a touch of style, making sure you're always ready for the next wave.

Dive into the collection, and let the ocean's spirit guide you. Your next adventure awaits!

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