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Black Digital Watches by G-SHOCK: Black Watches for Men & Women | CASIO

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Three All Black Digital and Analog Digital G-SHOCK watches on a metal surface

Find the tone that matches your style or the splash of color to help you stand out.
Our collection of black digital watches is designed to do just that. Choose G-SHOCK for the most durable digital and analog-digital watches in the industry, trusted by military personnel, law enforcement, surfers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

Black Digital Watches

G-SHOCK Black Digital Watches: A Timeless Statement in Durability

Black—a shade synonymous with sophistication, power, and mystery. Our collection of black digital watches brings forth the depth of this color, masterfully crafted for those who prefer understated elegance combined with the unbeatable toughness of G-SHOCK. Trusted by military professionals, law enforcers, and outdoor enthusiasts globally, our watches are a testament to style and resilience.

Featured Black Watches: 

G-SHOCK GSTB400BB-1A: A minimalist marvel with a sleek design, solar-powered functions, and Bluetooth connectivity.

G-SHOCK DW5600BB-1: Classic meets contemporary with this black watch, boasting shock resistance and 200-meter water resistance.

G-SHOCK GX56BB-1: Known as the "King" model, it offers solar power and a unique mud-resistant black design.

G-SHOCK GA2100-1A1: A fan favorite with its octagonal shape, analog-digital display, and carbon core guard black structure.

G-SHOCK GWM5610-1: A nod to the iconic square design, this black model features solar power and Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping.

The Power of Black:

Black isn't just a color—it's an attitude. It symbolizes authority, power, and elegance. Whether you're in a board meeting, on a tactical mission, or exploring the wilderness, a black G-SHOCK watch is your perfect companion, ensuring you look stylish while benefiting from unmatched functionality.


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