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G-SHOCK Transparent Watches: Clarity Meets Classic Design | CASIO

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G-SHOCK Women's transparent watches with gold face, GMAS110SG-7A, GMAS120SG-7A, GMDS5600SG-7


G-SHOCK Women's transparent watches with gold face, GMAS110SG-7A, GMAS120SG-7A, GMDS5600SG-7


G-SHOCK’s most popular silhouettes are tapped to create the Transparent Collection.
These new timepieces are created by utilizing striking semi-transparent resin bezels and bands.

This collection features stylish cases designed for both men and women.

Transparent Watch Close-ups 1

Women's Transparent Watch Line up

All the toughness one expects from a G-SHOCK, but in a smaller mid-sizes case that fits perfectly for thinner wrists.

Men's Transparent Watch Line up

G-SHOCK Transparent Collection: A Vision of Elegance and Strength

Dive into a collection where transparency meets unparalleled durability. G-SHOCK redefines modern watchmaking with the Transparent Collection, seamlessly blending iconic designs with a fresh, translucent look.


Key Features and Highlights:

Semi-Transparent Resin: Our watches employ striking semi-transparent resin in their bezels and bands, bringing a unique, airy aesthetic without compromising robustness.

Versatile Designs for All: Tailored for both men and women, this collection offers styles that cater to diverse tastes while maintaining G-SHOCK’s signature toughness.

Iconic Silhouettes Reimagined: G-SHOCK’s most sought-after designs are given a transparent twist. Models like GA2100SKE-7A and GMDS5600SG-7 showcase the intricate inner workings, marrying form and function.

Trusted Durability: True to G-SHOCK's legacy, every transparent watch promises resilience, trusted by professionals and watch enthusiasts globally.

Fashion Statement: Beyond timekeeping, these transparent timepieces serve as a bold fashion statement, perfect for those looking to stand out and express individuality.


Whether you're seeking a watch for daily wear, a special occasion, or gifting, the Transparent Collection promises to deliver both flair and function. Embrace transparency, choose G-SHOCK.


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