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Technology - Bluetooth®-installed GPS hybrid radio-controlled, solar-powered timekeeping | CASIO

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Bluetooth®-Installed GPS Hybrid Radio-Controlled


Bluetooth®-installed GPS hybrid radio-controlled, solar-powered timekeeping


Bluetooth®-installed GPS hybrid radio-controlled, solar-powered timekeeping*1

*1 A watch operating system driven by Casio's original solar-charging system that uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to determine the current location anywhere on Earth, and corrects the time automatically by GPS signal or standard-time radio wave reception.

3-time correction systems work together to assure even more reliable acquisition of accurate time information. The displayed time is always correct, 
no matter where you travel in the world.

Smartphone Link (Bluetooth®)

Smartphone Link (Bluetooth®)

The built-in Smartphone Link function uses (Bluetooth®) communications to connect to a smartphone and correct the time automatically four times a day. When crossing time zones, the watch displays the local time with one push of a button. It also uses information acquired via smartphone to update the global time difference and time zone information contained in the watch’s internal data.

GPS satellite signal reception * Visuals are graphic images.

GPS satellite signal reception

The GPS function enables the watch to acquire positioning and time-calibration data from GPS satellites. It analyzes the current time zone and Daylight Saving Time information and displays the correct time automatically.

Standard time radio wave reception (Multiband 6) * Visuals are graphic images.

Standard time radio wave reception (Multiband 6)

Standard time radio waves are received by a tiny built-in antenna in Japan (Fukushima and Kyushu transmission stations), the United States, the UK, Germany and China, and the time is corrected automatically.

Tough Solar

Tough Solar

Casio's proprietary solar-charging system converts light to ample power to operate multiple power-hungry functions.

3-way connected engine

3-way connected engine

Anti-magnetic plate

An anti-magnetic plate is arranged inside the module to provide the magnetic resistance (JIS type 1) required for daily use without interfering with radio wave reception sensitivity.

Miniaturized GPS antenna

The antenna volume ratio has been reduced to about 80% without reducing its reception performance. This makes space for mounting of more parts and optimization of the circuit board layout.

Tiny dual-coil motors

Dual-coil motors capable of high-speed, high-torque watch hand operation have been downsized to about 76% their original size to permit 2 of them to be installed in the module. A total of 6 motors provide rapid mode switching and a variety of hand expressions.

Dual circuit board structure

Reducing the number of circuit boards and installing the antennas and battery on a single plane has made it possible to design a thinner module.

Energy-saving GPS reception system

Lower power consumption by the GPS signal reception system has contributed to downsizing of the rechargeable battery, enabling further slimming of the module.

Smartphone Link

GPS time-calibration signal reception

Standard time radio wave reception
(Multiband 6)

(Tough Solar)

GPS radio-controlled, solar-powered timekeeping

Bluetooth®-installed radio-controlled,
solar-powered timekeeping

GPS hybrid radio-controlled,
solar-powered timekeeping

+ Tough Solar

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