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FROGMAN  30th Anniversary  GW8230B-9A


30th Anniversary


Revival and evolution — commemorating 30 years of FROGMAN watches

Announcing a special watch that revives the design of the ever-popular second-generation FROGMAN to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the FROGMAN. The watch reprises the black and gold color scheme of the DW8200B, while adding features including Tough Solar charging and a high-brightness full-auto LED backlight, and employing bio-based resin for the main resin material. Revival and evolution achieved right together.


Beauty shot of the GW8230B Frogman

Second-generation FROGMAN design revived

Reviving the design of the second-generation DW8200B released in 1995, which was two years after the launch of the very first FROGMAN. The case and dial components are reproduced faithfully down to the minor details leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, and then finished with a nostalgic black and gold color scheme. The watch also delivers advanced functionality. The GW8230B includes Tough Solar charging and a high-brightness LED backlight, all the while maintaining the original model’s form and size.

GW8230B Frogman parts and material

Embodying harmony with nature

The bezel and band are made with the Earth-friendly green material known as bio-based resin. Using renewable organic resources such as castor oil plants and corn helps reduce the ecological footprint. Tough Solar charging is included as well, for converting sunlight and other light sources into energy. For all ocean lovers, a diver’s watch that embodies eco-consciousness.

Watch back closeup of the GW8230B Frogman

Commemorative diving frog design

The diving frog character familiar to FROGMAN fans is engraved on the case back, inherited from the DW8200B’s design, and also appears on the LCD when the LED backlight is activated. In commemoration of the anniversary of the FROGMAN, the frog is accompanied by the word “30th” as well.


Watch back closeup of the GW8230B Frogman

ISO 200-meter water resistance to support diving use

Features a titanium screw-back case. The watch satisfies ISO standards for water resistance, including button operability underwater, enabling its use for diving.
*Due to the screw-lock construction of the case back, the orientation of the logo and lettering on it may not match up perfectly with the dial.

Detail of GW8230B digital face Frogman

Specs to support diving activities

In addition to dive time and surface interval measurements, memory for up to ten diving logs is included for recording data such as the dive start date/time and the time spent in the water. Tide graphs and moon data also provide handy ways to keep on top of conditions at dive locations.

Watch solar panel design reproduction of the DW8200 shape

Solar panel designed to reproduce the shape of the DW8200 dial

Digital face closeup of the GW8230B Frogman

Super Illuminator (high-brightness full-auto LED backlight) for readability in the dark


  • Shock-resistant structure
  • ISO standard 200-meter diving water resistance
  • Tough Solar (solar powered)
  • Diving functions
    (dive time, surface interval)
  • Log data
    (dive start date/time, dive time)
  • Tide graph
  • Moon data
  • World time (48 cities)
  • 1/100-second stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • 5 daily alarms
  • Full-auto LED backlight
    (Super Illuminator)

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